Payment and Shipping

  1. Payment
    1. In order to place an order with Koka Foods, you must provide us your name, email, shipping address, phone number and payment information. You represent and warrant that the information provided by you to Koka Foods is accurate and complete and you are authorized to use such payment methods for the purchase.
    2. The following payment methods are currently available on our Website:
      1. Debit Card
      2. Credit Card
      3. Net-Banking
      4. Any Othe Payment mode added by us via support from our payment partners from time to time
    3. Please direct your queries regarding delayed refunds, chargebacks, payment failures and double debits to our payment service providers PayU Payments Private Limited which provide and manage our payment solutions, payment gateway aggregation and facilitate the initiation and receipt of electronic payments, including but not limited to payments effected through credit cards, debit cards, net-banking, pre-paid instruments and payment methods. For any queries regarding your transactions, you may reach out to PayU Payments Private Limited at
    4. Koka Foods reserves the right to change its payment partners as per its requirement.
  2. Shipping
    1. Shipping charges may vary from one order to the other, and depend on a variety of factors such as value of the order, contents of the order, weight of the order, shipping address and shipping partners used.
    2. You will be informed of shipping charges, if any, at the time of order placement after you have inputted all required information
    3. Koka Foods may offer shipping discounts from time to time on the website. Its is your responsibility to utilize any discount coupons or offers at the time of placing the order and Koka Foods will not be held responsible for your missing out any discount offered or changes in any discount from time to time.
    4. Our shipping partners may change from order to order. You may or not be informed of our shipping partner details.
    5. In the event that you are unable to track your shipment you may write to +91-7977068660 for information regarding the delivery of your order
    6. Depending on factors like location, connectivity, etc., orders are usually delivered within 5-14 days of placing the order.